Saddle parts

Our saddles are expertly designed by saddle makers, trainers, and veterinarians in close cooperation. We are very fortunate to be able to work with the well-known saddle maker Ruiz Diaz from Argentina, who has produced the well-known Pessoa and Carl Hester saddles for many years.


The seat is balanced correctly on the panels for even weight distribution on the horse’s back.


The panels in our saddles are broad and smooth, with ample gullet space for the horse’s spine in between. They are designed to adapt extremely well to the shape of the back and offer great fit. The surface of the panels is kept as wide as possible for optimal weight distribution.

saddle parts from below

The gullet (the channel between the panels on the saddle's underside) is the same width from back to front, but then it increases slightly at the withers. This allows the horse to move freely in front. If the saddle is too narrow over the withers, as many saddles for Icelandic horses are, it will pinch the back and neck muscles. Then those muscles cannot function properly and the horse will not be able to use its hindquarters correctly, resulting in shorter strides and less range of movement in the front legs.


The twist (the narrowest part of the seat just behind the pommel) in our saddles allows the rider an extremely close contact with seat and legs for optimal communication and very accurate aids.