Useful information

Useful information

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Primaloft® active Insulation offers breathable performance for your active pursuits.

Primaloft® offers high-performance insulation with the full spectrum of features for braving the elements:

  • Warmth without bulk
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Superior softness


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Primaloft, Inc. is the global leader and pioneer of water-resistant, synthetic alternatives to goose down. During the last 35 years, the company has developed highly functional materials that offer maximum comfort and insulation. 



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Thinsulate® is a well known alternative to down. This thin, lightweight, and warm synthetic insulation has proven its effectiveness for decades. It traps and holds body heat and allows moisture to evaporate.

The extremely fine microfibers in Thinsulate® insulation help trap air and block body radiant heat loss, making it an efficient insulator.

The high warmth-to-thickness ratio of this insulation allows clothing design with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement.