Quality control and warranty

Quality control and warranty

Quality control

Before our saddles leave the manufacturer, they go through strict quality inspection. The saddles are carefully inspected by a qualified saddle maker for the following:

  • Symmetry. We make sure that the saddle is not twisted, and all parts are even.
  • All seams are properly finished.
  • Fittings and finish are correct.



We offer a 25 year warranty on the saddle- tree against breaking, and the XChange® gullet system.

We offer a 2 year warranty on the whole saddle with normal usage (riding up to 6 horses per day), being regularly and sufficiently cleaned and oiled. 

The final quality control guarantees that our saddles are free of any construction defects. A minor cosmetic defect that has no effect on the performance of the saddle is not covered.

Every saddle needs proper care, handling, and storage. Read more about correct saddle care.


Did you know?

Twisted saddles are a common problem today. When examining a saddle, stand behind the saddle and look carefully at the seat. Level the pommel (front) so it sits straight. Now look at the cantle (back) and see if the middle of the cantle aligns perfectly with the middle of the pommel. If it does not, the saddle is twisted.This is often due to poor quality of the saddle tree, or improper storage and handling. Read more about correct saddle care.