Hrímnir Master

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Hrímnir Master

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Basic features:


Individual features:

  • Deep seat
  • Hrímnir-Soft seat
    • extra layer of BayFlex® foam in the seat for superior comfort and safety
    • does not become compressed over time
  • Thigh blocks
    • placed on the outside flap mainly support the thigh instead of the knee
    • offer a steady and strong leg position for all types of riders
    • especially suitable for taller riders or riders with a knee problem
    • the thigh block will adjust to the individual anatomy of the rider which ensures support at the correct area of the thigh
  • Single leather layer in the flap
    • stronger and more durable leather
  • Comes with a head gullet in size M

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Þórarinn EymundssonÞórarinn Eymundsson (world champion in five- gait, multiple Icelandic champion in different disciplines, Level A riding master, riding teacher at Hólar):

„The Master saddle is very horsefriendly and helps to improve the rider’s seat. In my opinion, the Master saddle is the leading saddle of its kind. It supports the leg of the rider above the knee and gives the knee and leg freedom of movement. In this way, the saddle improves the seat of the rider without forcing him into a position”.


Our advice

It is extremely important to choose a saddle tree length which will position the rider’s legs up against the thigh support. The saddle tree is too long if the legs are not supported by the thigh blocks when sitting relaxed in the saddle.

Additional Information

Additional Information

The Hrímnir Master has been developed in close cooperation with riding instructors at Hólar University College ( and is very popular among its students. The deeper seat and thigh blocks help the rider attain a correctly aligned position which allows very fine- tuned aids and correct balance for collection. This saddle suits various kinds of riders, but especially those who want to ride their horses in correct balance and posture, and who want to train their horses in dressage exercises and for competition.

The thigh blocks are placed on the outside flap and mainly support the thigh instead of the knee. They offer a steady and strong leg position for all types of riders, but are especially suitable for taller riders. They will adjust to the individual anatomy of the rider which ensures support at the correct area of the thigh.

The single leather layer in the flap is stronger and more durable than two layer flaps.

The additional layer of BayFlex® foam in the seat makes this saddle extra comfortable for the rider.

The high quality DuPont® Flex tree and the BayFlex® foam padding guarantee optimal weight distribution on the horse’s back, strength and flexibility of the saddle and maximum comfort for horse and rider. The expert design lets the horse move freely and allows harmonious and sustainable riding, helping the rider to sit in balance and to give fine- tuned aids in close contact with the horse.

The BayFlex® foam padding conforms to the horse’s back during riding, but always retains its original shape again after usage. This ensures a long lasting fit for different kinds of horses, and makes sure that the saddle pads always stay symmetrical. This soft but strong material offers optimal shock absorption and protects the back of the horse. 

The XChange® gullet plate system makes it easy to adjust the saddle width yourself in six easy steps for individual conformation or changes in the horse.

The Billet system and balance strap ensures increased stability of the saddle and an extra billet strap gives the option to attach an additional single girth in front of the regular girth. The extra girth can provide more stability in cases of poor balance of horse or rider.

Our saddles are entirely made of quality leather and high- tech materials.

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