The Icelandic Riding Levels 2

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The Icelandic Riding Levels 2


Publisher: Hólar University College

Author: Helga Thoroddsen

This second book of The Icelandic Riding Levels builds on the practical information presented and taught at Level 1. The main purpose at Level 2 is to teach riders and horses good ground manners as well as riders beginning to ride independently.

Basic topics in this book are:

  • The history, background and breeding of Icelandic horses.
  • The connection and cooperation between human and horse.
  • The aids and their proper use.
  • The riding area and its use.
  • The reins and basic rein-holds.
  • Work in hand.
  • Gaits and gait transitions.
  • Riding in the open.

  • 70 pages
  • Language: English
Additional Information

Additional Information

Through the lessons in this book the rider is further prepared for gradually advanced topics presented and practiced at Level 3, 4 and 5. The Icelandic Riding Levels are based on the step-by-step approach of training horses and riders in a logical, safe and practical way. 

For further information regarding the Icelandic Riding Levels please contact Hólar University College.