Stainless Steel Bit, single-jointed

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Stainless Steel Bit, single-jointed

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  • Single jointed
  • Slim mouthpiece (12 mm) with extra small joint for more comfort
  • Eggbutt bit rings for extra comfort and stability
  • Durable stainless steel has a neutral effect on salivation
  • High quality workmanship and unique ornamentation
  • EUIPO registered design

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All Hrímnir bits come in shorter widths which are recommended by experts for the majority of Icelandic horses. 

Which size to choose?

There is no general rule for which bit width fits your horse. Each horse has its individual conformation and needs. We recommend measuring the width of your horse’s mouth at the corners of the mouth or to try different widths of bits in order to see what size fits best. The bit should not be longer than the width of the mouth by more than 1 cm. That means that the bit should not protrude more than 0,5 cm on each side of the mouth.

The bit rings should lie stable at the corners of the mouth, but without pressing onto the cheeks. When pressure is applied to the reins (especially sideways pressure), the bit should lie stable in the mouth and not move the cheeks. Try to put pressure on only one rein and see how the bit moves. If the sidebars of the bit move more than 1 cm out of the mouth, the bit is probably too wide.


Þórarinn EymundssonÞórarinn Eymundsson (world champion in five- gait, multiple Icelandic champion in different disciplines, Level A- riding master, riding teacher in Hólar):

„The Hrimnir bits work very well for many horses. I have observed that some horses  are more content with these bits and seek a steadier rein connection.


Vicky EggertssonBeggi EggertssonVicky Eggertsson (multiple German and Middle- European champion in fivegait, T2 and pace test, three times finalist at the world championships, IPZV- Trainer A, international sport judge) and Beggi Eggertsson (FT- trainer, five times worldchampion in several pace tests with Lótus frá Aldenghoor): 

„We are more than satisfied with the Hrimnir bits and we recommend them for our riding students and clients. Our horses accept the bit very well because it fits very well, lies flat and steady in the mouth, and does not irritate the horse. The horses can fully concentrate on the aids from the rider. This bit even motivated horses that never chewed the bit before to chew and salivate contentedly”.  

Additional Information

Additional Information

This single- jointed bit has a slimmer mouthpiece (12 mm) with an extra small joint to maximize comfort for the horse. Since the oral cavity of the horse is filled with the big tongue muscle, there is not much space left for a bit to fit in.

The eggbutt shape of the bit rings makes the bit more stable and comfortable for the horse, especially during sideways aids from the reins.  

This bit is made of (rustproof) stainless steel that is highly durable and has a neutral effect on salivation.

Our bits are made with high quality workmanship. Their unique and elegant ornamentation is based on ancient Viking designs.

The L stamp on the bit ring ensures you always know how to attach the bit correctly to the headstall, just make sure it is on the lower left side!